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Ragdoll Cats Make Perfect Pets

If a dog is "man’s best friend," then it must also be said that Ragdoll cats are "man’s best companion." More than pets, Ragdolls are true companions. The Ragdoll cat has many special features. The Ragdoll’s sweet temperament is probably its most outstanding trait.

Ragdolls are large, bulky and handsome cats. They have been commonly referred to as "the gentle giants" - because in spite of their handsomeness and grace, they are extremely even-tempered and docile.

Able to steal your heart and make you wonder exactly who owns who, Ragdoll cats quickly adapt. They fit right into your life and fill it with "Ragdoll Magic!"

Ragdoll cats charm their owners with funny, as well as tender moments. The character traits of this breed alone makes it special! However, the physical aspects, build, and "looks" of the breed will further impress your fancy.

Originally, as the Ragdoll breed was introduced to us by Ann Baker, it consisted of 2 distinct colors and patters, the blue and seal point and the blue and seal bi-color. Since then, through careful consideration and monitored breeding, the breed expanded.

All Ragdolls have blue eyes and a non-matting silky coat. Ragdolls now come in the following colors and patters : Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Cream Point and Bi-Colors, mitted and non-mitted, Lynx and Tortie.